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I feel ugly again. I don't know why. And i know someone is gonna feel bad after reading this cus they're gonna think its their fault. But its not. Its my fault. I'm too self consious and hard on myself. I feel ugly and unless everyone in the entire world finds me attractive, i'll never feel hot. It's depressing too. I wish i was hot. I guess I'm just gonna get plastic surgery. Definitely my nose, lips, and ears. I'll reshape all of em. Then maybe i'll feel good about myself. In the meantime i'm just not that confident about my looks. I feel sad now. I'm gonna go stick my ugly head in a box. *cries*. I think i'm gonna delete those Hawaii pics off my journal cuz i can't stand to look at myself anymore. ahhhhhh (and for that same person who might think this is their fault, well i'm not mad at them. I'm just sad. Sad that I'm ugly and the fact that i care so much says how superficial i am. And that makes me even more sad. I'm such a depressing person. It's a shock anyone even talks to me. Well the few who do).
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