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Secrets of the Heart -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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[20 Jun 2005|12:04am]
[ mood | amused ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

OMG, she is so beautiful. Sometimes i wish i was a half Lebanese - half columbian girl so i could look like Shakira. she has the eyes of a lebanese girl but the skin tone of a Latino. She's so HOT!!!! I hate it when people make fun of Shakira and say that her music doesn't make sense. Just because her music isn't all about sex and is actually poetic, Americans can't understand it. It has a deeper meaning than whatever Britney and Christina are whining about. My dream is to have a belly dancing body like Shakira's. I have a very lean body but my stomache isn't defined enough. It's defined, but not enough. I wish i was a girl so i could belly dance professionally. Then again, i guess i could just be a porn star. At least i can show the world my body in that line of business. Yeah, i'm just gonna do that. I'll do porn.hehe. I bet they pay a lot.

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[20 Jun 2005|03:02pm]
[ mood | calm ]

You scored as Abercromibe Boi. Your entire wardrobe comes from the mall with stores with music turned up way too loud, and discriminate on the looks of thier employees. Honey, do us all a favor - stop giving money to people hwo could care less and go shopping at the thrift stores - they have the same stuff..trust me!


Abercromibe Boi


Attitude Queen


Gym Bunny






Circuit Boy


Out and Proud Queer


Str8 boi






Drag Queen


Drama Queen


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BUT i dont' wanna shop at a thrift store. I love my expensive superficial clothes from stores where they only care about how you look.lol. It sounds like me anyways.jk jk jk. I love my Abercrombie. Hopefully i'll neverhave to set foot in a thrift store. I'll probably throw up upon entering the doorway. And don't you dare call me HONEY!!! Who are you to even think of reffering to me as your bee poo??!!!!!
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[20 Jun 2005|03:06pm]
[ mood | content ]

Does anyone know of any cool Hindu/Indian singers? Like music that sounds cool but traditional at the same time. Preferably a woman, i don't like listening to men sing (unless its rock). I've just been listening to Shanti Ashtangi by Madonna and i simply adore that song. It's one of my favorite songs. I know she's singing in some kind of Indian language and i wanna hear more music like that. So if anyone knows of anyone...it would be greatly appreciated. (I'm expecting 3rdchakra to post to this cuz she seems like the type of cool person who would know something like that.)

here are the lyrics to Shanti Ashtangi (and yes, i typed this up myself, i did not copy and paste).

Svande gurunam charanaravinde sandarhita
sickhavabodhe nihsrehase
jungalikayamane, sansala hala hala, moha shantiye
hala hala ha

ahahupuru shakarum shakra chakrasi
ahahupuru shakarum shakra chakrasi

daharinum daharinum sahasra hasra sirasum
daharinum daharinum sahasra hasra sirasum


ohmmm shanti, ohmmm shanti, shanti shanti, shantey ohhmmm
ohmmm shanti, ohmmm shanti, shanti shanti, shantey ohhmmm
*repeats lyrics again*

then all the high pitched indian ladies say

ohmm shanti, ohmmm shanti, shanti shanti, shantey ohhmmmm

*repeats line above, then repeats again*

I love the "ohmmm shanti" part because, by coincidence, if you pretend that she's speaking Arabic and fake translate it from Arabic to English that would mean "move my luggage".lol. But of course she's not singing in Arabic. I guess its just a coincidence that it would mean that in Arabic. I think it means something really holy in Indian tho...not "move my luggage".lol. But it sounds like she's singing about how she's stuck in an airport and she's trying to order her servant around and is telling them "MOVE MY LUGGAGE BITCH".lmao. I'm such a freak. For all my Le_Liban people who speak Arabic, doesn't it sound like she's saying that when she says "ohhmm shanti".

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[20 Jun 2005|11:39pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Why do i have such an attraction to people who make me feel like shit? I get bothered by the people who actually do like me and are truly nice to me but i always eagerly follow those who are rude and jerkoffs to me. It seems like the more they treat me like shit the more i wanna talk to them. For some reason, evil people attract me. I'm so fucked up. My life is so backwards. Everything about me is flipped up, turned upside down, and shook all around. I think i'm clinically depressed. I wanna see a psychologist but where am i supposed to find one? Its not like my parents will take me to one. God forbid; it'll ruin the good family name if they had a "crazy" in the family. I'm not crazy. I just wanna see someone i can talk to. I think its just my family that's killing me. Slowly killing me. I need to get out of here. I cannot live so supressed for much longer. A whole year until i graduate seems like so long. I HAVE TO GET OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!! Please, someone get me outta the suburbs. I need to be away from all this craziness that surrounds me. I wanna get outta here so i can have a clean slate and start everything that i messed up all over. I'm only in high school and i've already messed stuff up. I hope college is gonna be better than this.

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