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Secrets of the Heart -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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yay, summer! [15 Jun 2005|04:11pm]
[ mood | come back to me kitty ]

Summer is finally hear!!!!!...*groans*...and i'm so bored.lol. I was dreaming of this day for so long, and guess what, it's boring. Is it ever possible for me to be satisfied? Goodness. I'm happy that i'm finally on break, but honestly, it's boring from day 1. Well at least i'll be getting a job. I'll start working really soon, and that'll give me something to do this summer, as well as making money. Then i can buy a good RPG video game and spend my summer playing that.lmao. That's what i need to do. Find a good video game. I'm such a nerd. I really do love video games. Especially RPG's. Just give me an RPG and I'll be satisfied for however long the game lasts. I guess, for me, video games (especially RPG's) are a way for me to escape this world and enter that crazy fantasy world that i've been dreaming about my whole entire life. Like when i was playing FFX, i was just so content. Just playing that game made me happy, and when i wasn't playing it, cuz i was in school, you know i was fantasizing about it. I would sit in Biology class and draw pictures of Tidus and his giant..."sword"...hehe.jk. Yeah, that's all i would do in class last year. Somehow i used to get straight A's in school even tho all i was doing was fantasizing about Tidus and FFX. I got a 98% on my Biology final exam, and i think the only studying i did was 5 mins before the test.lol. But that was last year. This year i got all stupid from Chemistry. The class dumbed me out. I was like "huh, protons and hydrogen, say that again?!!!". I'm smart but just not in Chemistry. I don't know why, i guess everyone has their downfall. Its ok, next year i'm taking AP Biology, and i'll show my stupid chemistry teacher when i get all A's in that.*knocks on wood*. Well that was my overview of last year, and my expectations of next year. Anyways, back to video games. Yeah, FFX, hmmm...I guess there's nothing else to say. *smacks cat in the head*...awwww...hehe. Where is my cat?! She's being such a bitch lately. She totally ignores me. I like walk by her and she doesn't jump up to follow me around. She used to always do that. Now i have to actually tell her "come here" for her to achnowledge me. OMG, speak of the devil. She just walked over here. How cute was that? Me and my cat must have telepathy together. Oh wait a minute, she was just going to her food bowl. STUPID BITCH, SEE IF I CHANGE YOUR LITTER NOW, MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! JK JK JK JK JK. i'm not crazy i swear.

ok bye from the crazy-ecstatic-lunatic-who-finds-summer-boring

(btw, my cat just came over to me when i told her "come here", now she's deciding whether she should stay or not. This relationship is fading fast).

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