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Secrets of the Heart -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]

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awww, how cute. I hate saying goodbyes, but i would love a goodbye kiss. [10 May 2005|10:57pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

You have a goodbye kiss- much passion and longing,
but never lasting.

What kind of kiss are you?
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[10 May 2005|11:02pm]
[ mood | content ]

my computer is starting to remind me a lot of my cat. Sometimes it's so energetic that she's going so fast and you can't keep up...and other times, no matter how much you *poke poke poke*, it doesn't budge, until it wobbles over and crashes (onto the floor, in my cat's case). Then you have to wake it up again to get it energized...*strange confused, squinty eye face*. WTF was that?!!!! Was that supposed to be some kind of excuse for an analogy? Was i trying to make myself sound funny by comparing my computer to my cat? I compare a lot of things to my cat you know. She just has so many moods that you never know which one you'll get. It's kinda like a fortune cooky (*slaps himself in the head* OMG, stop with the fucking analogies already). Ok so school went pretty good today except that i fucking got so much homework. It's ok, i'll get over it. It was a fairly laid back day though. *thinks back*...yeah it was a laid back day; except that i got called a faggot at least three times today; but i'm getting quite used to it. I never used to get called "faggot" but earlier this year someone was spreading a rumor in school, that i'm gay. I know it was someone that i came out to but i don't know who. Anyways, the rumor made it so that quite a few people are calling me fag now. I'm not 100% if it was the rumor or just me, but i'm leaning more towards the rumor. Anyways, i got over it, so its not a big deal. It's just, i'd rather not be called "faggot" everyday by people who are not even my enemies. It's like so called "friends" (all guys) are calling me that. Anyways, whatever. So someone the other day ago told me that i look like her old boyfriend who apparently was really hot. What a compliment! Seriously. I'd like to meet him one day...hehe

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[10 May 2005|11:14pm]
[ mood | blank ]

oh BTW, what Jeffioo wrote made me feel really bad. I hope everything goes ok with you Jeff. I'm so so sorry. (You never told me you were leaving in two days to Hawaii). But that's a different story. I feel so bad b/c of what you found out. I wish you would talk to me about it. At least send me an e-mail or call. Please? I hope i don't sound incredibly annoying. I just care...

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